June 26 - 27, 2017
Princeton, NJ

Maximize Profitability, Fiscal Transparency and Strategic Agility with High-Impact Gross to Net Accounting Methods

Forward-looking pharmaceutical and life science companies know that gross-to-net accounting is more than just a administrative obligation. In order to stay ahead of the competition and successfully navigate the complex world of payer contracts, pricing and future market demand, industry leaders must have access to accurate and meaningful GTN insights to base their decisions off. However, despite the critical nature of GTN accounting from both a regulatory and commercial standpoint, many in the industry still rely on cumbersome, excel-based manual accounting processes and all but fail to provide business leaders with the strategic insight necessary to improve decision making. Whether you have yet to embark on your GTN optimization journey or are already reaping the benefits of a fully automated and integrated GTN system, we at IQPC invite you to join your fellow GTN peers at the

Pharmaceutical Gross to Net Accounting Summit taking place June 27-28 in New Jersey to:

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